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Made With Caribbean Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Scotch Bonnet Peppers are native to the Caribbean islands and are known for their iconic island style heat. These are a key ingredients to the perfect blend of flavor and heat in Alvin's Hot Sauces. 

The best tasting hot sauce I have had.  It is not just heat. It FULL FLAVOR and HEAT!! My husband and I discovered Alvin's on St Croix and now we can get it back at home! 

Diana W, TX

Alvin's hot sauce makes the most amazing spicy Island Mary! Good bye Bloody Mary - Hello Island Mary!

Livi M

Alvin’s… WOW! As a self-proclaimed hot-sauce aficionado, Alvin’s took me by surprise.  It really is the essence of the Caribbean. Alvin’s is easily the best scotch bonnet pepper sauce in existence, and one of the ultimate best I’ve ever tried.

Garrett S, CA

I love wings and now I have found the best sauce to go with them!  I don't like extreme heat with no flavor. This sauce tastes great and has just the right amount of spice.


Oh Yeah !  Mixed it with ketchup !! Great compliment and makes fries more amazing!

Dillan K

Alvin's Hot Sauces

Supporting Local Island Farmers and Growers 

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A Little About Alvin Himself

Alvin was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and grew up on the U.S. Virgin Islands. He Served in the United States Military and makes the best hot pepper sauce in the Caribbean and now it is available throughout the Mainland ......Yum Mon! This is good! Put it on everything and taste the rush of the Caribbean.

Giving Back to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Island life can sometimes be harsh as we have witnessed with past hurricanes that have devastated people's livelihood. With every purchase you make, we will use a percentage of the net proceeds to support programs and organizations in the U.S. Virgin Islands.