About Us

Island Made With A Lot of Love!

     If you have ever been to a Caribbean Island, then you have experienced the love and passion of the locals. You have also tasted all the freshness and flavors that only the island elements can provide. I first encountered homemade Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce back in the early 90's.  I worked for Nolan Joseph at his local restaurant, Nolan's, in St. Croix, U.S.V.I.  His sauce was like no other I had ever experienced.  When I revisited the islands a few years ago, it was my destiny to find a similar scotch bonnet hot sauce.  Like many others,  I discovered Alvin's Hot Pepper Sauce. I connected with Alvin and have made it my mission to bring his sauces to the mainland!  I Want to share it with all hot sauce enthusiasts and give back to the people of the islands.

     Alvin was born in Trinidad and grew up in St. Croix. He started making his own special hot sauce after he retired from the U.S. military.  He pours his love and passion into every bottle to make the perfect blend of fruit, peppers, and spices.  Alvin works with local island farmers and growers personally selecting the freshest ingredients for each batch.  You will discover that Alvin's Hot Pepper Sauce is like no other...full of flavor with a nice balance of heat.



-Caribbean Treasure LLC.  -U.S. Distribution Alvin's Hot Sauces