Sharing the Love of Alvin's Hot Sauce! 

Garrett (CA)

Alvin’s… WOW! As a self-proclaimed hot-sauce aficionado, Alvin’s took me by surprise.

In my profession as a pilot, I travel the world for a living; I’m always sourcing and bringing home hot-sauces from all corners of the globe. The first time I tried Alvin’s was when I purchased a bottle from a local store in Red Hook, on St. Thomas. We had just grilled up some fresh fish at the house, I poured some Alvin’s onto that fish taco and I was immediately mind-blown! The freshness and true taste of the scotch bonnet pepper that you get out of this sauce is unmatched. It really is the essence of the Caribbean.

Alvin’s quickly rose to my all-time favorites list. After that first taste, I headed right back to the store and bought 5 more bottles. I carefully transported the precious cargo all the way back to my home in California. Alvin’s is easily the best scotch bonnet pepper sauce in existence, and one of the ultimate best I’ve ever tried. I’m so pumped that they are resuming production. I wish this awesome company all the best!

 Phi (TX)

Alvin's hot sauces are amazing!! They are great on everything, especially chicken wings! Ordering was super easy on the site and it came in just a few days! Highly recommend! 

L.N. (Houston)

Alvin's is by far the best sauce I've come across. Not only does it have the true scotch bonnet island heat that I'm looking for, but also, the scent of the fresh exotic ingredients incorporated in it. It is absolutely as flavorful as it sounds and as tasteful as it looks. It is amazing! I am so thankful that I am able to order it in the states now!